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Petitioners sought appraisal of their shares in CKx, under Section 262 of the Delaware General Corporation Law. CKx was acquired by an affiliate of Apollo through a 2011 merger. Fox Broadcasting is not a party to the litigation and was not involved in the merger, but has an agreement with a subsidiary of CKx, 19TV, for the right to broadcast the American Idol television program, which provided substantial revenues to CKx before the merger. Petitioners moved for an order compelling Fox to produce deposition testimony as well as several categories of documents relating to American Idol, Fox’s contracts and contract negotiations with 19TV and FremantleMedia . The chancellor denied the motion except as to the categories of documents and deposition testimony that Fox has agreed to produce. With respect to a request that would require Fox to produce documents relating to Fox’s internal valuation and financial information regarding its negotiations with CKx in connection with an agreement to broadcast American Idol, the court stated that the marginal relevance of the information is outweighed by the potential harm the disclosure of that information would cause Fox and the presence of non-confidential, more probative information already in the record. View "Huff Fund Inv. P'ship v. CKx Inc." on Justia Law